Bill Relyea
  comedian, after dinner speaker and script-writer  
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“Let me take the pressure off, when the speeches are on.”

“I’ll do the funnies, you do the thanks.”

With vast experience in this field, Bill’s C.V. includes wedding
venues such as Hever Castle, and Chartwell House. In
addition to the formal announcements, Bill takes control of
the top table, interlinking the standard speeches, with
customised comedy material to suit your wedding.
Being aware of a mixed audience, the humour is
inoffensive, but at the same time funny and original.

Bill will meet with you in advance to ensure
that all of your needs are met.

Other Services

Bill writes personalised speeches for
others, and will offer guidance, giving
you the confidence to deliver a
memorable speech.

He also writes witty Invitations, again
tailored to your wedding. | tel 07946 201250